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Company Profile ~ Mission

Emfex - is an exporter, designer of leather handbags, purses, wallets and other lifestyle fashion products from India. We are the registered merchant exporter of EPCH.IN, a Government of India organisation for the Export Promotion council for Handicrafts.

Our products are the fusion of folk arts and crafts from Bengal. Tribal design senses mixed with modern fashion is the speciality of our handmade leather crafts. The finest Quality of the leather, superior finishing, intricate artistic designs and personalized services before and after sales make us one of the leading exporters of the trade since years.

Our Mission :
Be the next gen style statement for the fashion world.
Introduce the ethnic craft to the farthest part of the world
Work with genuine reputed international fashion brands
Work with designers who love to live with colors, art and crafts

Leather Lifestyle Fashions :

Leather Lifestyle Fashion : A little discussions and thoughts

The appeal of leather handbags

Never underestimate the appeal of fine leather handbags. When you think of the most beautiful and iconic women in history, its hard not to think of them clutching a stylish Italian leather handbag. Classic leather handbags can make an outfit and add an air of sophistication and glamour. The timeless appeal of a good handbag might explain why accessory sales are continuing to outperform all other clothing retail sectors.

Lust for leather handbags

In 2005, shoppers lust for scarves, belts and leather handbags saw a 10% growth in accessory sales. Now, Italian leather handbags and designer handbags are as important as the clothes themselves. Flick through the glossy magazines and youll find regular items featuring much sought after leather handbags usually spotted on the arm of the latest film star. The love of handbags is so great, that women's glossy magazines have even changed shape so they are small enough to fit into the majority of leather handbags.

Handbags boost sales

The market for accessories is over 2.5bn, and although that includes ties, belts, cufflinks and sunglasses it's clear that its the designer leather handbags that are boosting sales. It's well known that accessories are a great and often cheap way of reinvigorating an old outfit.

High end designer leather handbags

Women are buying more leather handbags than ever before, and it looks like handbags will continue to sell faster than women's clothing. Market analyst Mintel said it wasn't just the off the shelf, cheap handbags that are boosting sales, but the high end, good quality leather handbags at the top of the range that are selling hard too.

Must have accessory

Although you can go to places like Matalan and Primark and buy incredibly cheap handbags, there is nothing that can truly replace the stylish, Italian leather handbags. Many fashions are throwaway, but investing in good quality leather handbags can make an outfit much more polished, as well as giving you a sense of confidence and style. There can't be many women who leave home without their handbags where else would they put their make up, mobiles, purse and keys? So if you love handbags and will shop till you drop, it's always worth adding an Italian leather handbag as a wardrobe staple, along with the compulsory little black dress and good pair of designer jeans.

Leather handbags Size or Style

It's a difficult balancing act when it comes to buying a stylish leather handbag. On the one hand, you want it to be beautiful and, as they say - small is beautiful. On the other hand, you want it to be roomy enough to contain your keys, mobile, purse, essential cosmetics, unpaid bills, half written novel, emergency chocolate bar, favourite CDs and that book you've always meant to read but never got round to. Let alone the vast variation on these basic handbag essentials depending on the woman nappies, laptop, hair straightening irons or even a Chihuahua!

Dainty leather handbags

It's clear we need stylish leather handbags to look good, but we also need them to be practical too. Which is why size matters. Traditionally, small, petite leather handbags suggested a woman of style. A woman who had no need for practicality, who was wealthy enough to plan her life around her outfits and not around her job or children. Dainty leather handbags suggest that the woman in question doesn't need to carry emergency tights, her gym kit, umbrella or anything else that suggests multitasking. Those tiny leather handbags that would just squeeze in a lipstick and credit card, screams jet setting' and luxury lifestyle.'

Bulky bags for busy mums

The large, bulky leather handbags used to be the domain of the busy mums, down to earth office workers and practical shoppers who needed to pull out a spare nappy or notebook or squeeze in their lunchbox or gym kit. But just to confuse things and put dedicated followers of fashion into a tailspin big bags are now hip for celebrity starlets.

Size zero fads

Some fashion experts are putting the trend down to body weight as size zero reigns and celebrities are literally dying to be thin a big bag makes them look even tinier. Having a bulky bag draped over tiny bones simply highlights their daintiness. Some people have joked that these size zero LA starlets who fling huge leather bags over their arms, have more animal skin on their leather handbags than on their own bones.

Classic leather handbags enduring style

But no doubt, like size zero, it will be a passing fad. The fact is, no matter what fashions come and what fashions go, simple leather handbags will always endure for their classic look and effortless style.

Italian leather handbags

If you are going to a party, you'd leave the conservative Mrs Thatcher inspired leather handbags at home. Sparkly, colourful and fluffy should be the kind of handbags that you dance around. Going to a job interview? Then those conservative leather handbags will fit right in these leather handbags say that you are stable, confident, stylish and safe. The fact that woman have plenty of handbags, like shoes, is because your handbag says a lot about you. And you'll want to choose the right one for the right occasion.

What's in your handbag?

Its common sense that the typical things women carry in their leather handbags is the universally useful stuff - keys, purses, hankies and mobile phones. There are variations of course; students could have a dog-eared copy of an Albert Camus novel, mothers tend to be overloaded with spare baby wipes and dummies, and young urbanites have the latest cosmetics and MP3 players. But what about the likes of celebrities? The Paris Hiltons of the world wouldn't dare be seen with such mundane objects. Their designer leather handbags tend to be home to small designer dogs.

Leather handbags and pooches

The trend for carrying small dogs in small designer leather handbags became such a concern that the animal charity, the RSPCA, waded in to warn dog-owners that dogs need to be able to move around to stay healthy. Famous faces who tucked their pooches into their leather handbags included Geri Halliwell and Paris Hilton. The idea that an animal should be part of a fashion accessory didn't go down well with many dog lovers. Plopping your pooch in a handbag can have a negative impact on its health. And what if the pooch plops in your bag?

Indian leather handbags a wardrobe staple

Everybody knows that it's important to have a stylish handbag - from Italian leather handbags to top designer names. And for celebrities, it is even more important. But it isn't just how their handbags look that matters it's what they carry in them.

Calling all handbags

But it isn't just what some people put into their leather handbag that's bizarre the bags themselves can be just as weird too. Take the Telephone Bag it's been dubbed as the ultimate girl's gadget, combining the two most important accessories for the modern women a handbag and a telephone. Shaped in a 1970s handset, the working telephone never really took off why? Because it has to be plugged into a phone cable to work. And why have a handbag shaped as a telephone when you can have a stylish leather handbag that holds an up-to-date mobile with Bluetooth, MP3 and email facilities?

Solar powered handbags

If the Telephone Bag wasn't bizarre enough, following that was the Solar Powered Bag. The idea is that when you open up your stylish leather handbags, the sun hits the solar panels and lights up the bags interior so you'll never loose anything ever again. Whether the majority of women want the contents of the leather handbags illuminated for all to see is another thing entirely.

Leather handbags are getting bigger

And more of these women are cramming more and more stuff into their leather handbags than ever before. As the trend for leather handbags sees the bags getting bigger and bigger, it's tempting to throw everything but the kitchen sink in your bag.

Weight of the world

As life gets more hectic for women and they dash from the nursery to the office to the gym, they need to carry more stuff to keep mobile. But if you put your life into your leather handbags and trek around all day with that weight on your shoulder, your body is going to feel the effects.

Increase in back pain

In America, doctors are reporting an increase in lower back pain symptomatic of a society constantly on the move. As well as gym kits, everyday objects and children's paraphernalia, many women are also mobile offices with mobiles and laptops at hand so they are always connected.

Heavier leather bags

Carrying a heavier load in their leather handbags, it's no wonder more women are suffering. And it's not just women, men don't usually have the benefit of shoulder straps that feature on leather handbags, but more frequently use briefcases with all the weight at the end of the arm which puts even more pressure on the spine.

Lighten the load

Doctors in the States are warning that women and men need to lighten the loads in their leather handbags and briefcases to reduce the risk of long term damage.

Stylish Italian leather handbags

In the past few years leather handbags, canvas bags and shoulder bags have become ever more voluminous. Perhaps the trend for big bags makes it more tempting for women to carry more weight. If you are looking to buy a new handbag it is worthwhile looking into buying a stylish Italian leather handbag that has the conventional space for basic cosmetics, a purse and a few other small items. Restricting the size of the bag means you have to really think about what you need rather then cramming everything in and risking your back.

Small is beautiful

If you want to avoid shoulder soreness, stiff necks and lower back pain, you need to start sorting out what you carry in your bag, and think about sticking to small, classy leather handbags and bucking the trend for big bucket sized bags after all, small is beautiful.

Leather handbags for men

But despite the fact the average- bloke-on-the-street wouldn't risk being beaten to a pulp sporting a designer leather handbag, men have been carrying leather handbags for centuries. In fact, the first recorded bags were only carried by men. Egyptian hieroglyphics show pouches looped around Egyptian men's waists that were used to carry precious items. So it was the male of the species that pre-dated leather handbags becoming the essential female accessory in the 21st Century. Men also carried leather handbags with pride in the 17th Century perhaps the man bag never really disappeared it just took on masculine disguises morphing into the rucksack or satchel.

The emergence of leather handbags for men

Now there are dedicated lines of major leather handbag brands aimed solely at men, and there are even dedicated websites selling man bags. Perhaps, like the Egyptian men who carried tools or weapons in their bags, today's men have their own valuables they can't live without mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, and of course the usual wallet and keys that just won't fit into a trouser pocket. The laws of physics means men with gadgets need their own handbags. But because these are for men, you can be assured these bags will be made of leather and look nothing like women's leather handbags.

Leather handbags and the man bag

The male equivalent of a leather handbag however has hit headlines all over the world such as The New Statesman article, Dress code: Bags of masculinity or Australia's The Age: When carrying a bag is manly.

Leather handbags back in vogue

Everybody knows fashion always comes back round - and round again. The seventies were big in the nineties and the eighties are said to be back, which might explain why man bags have finally returned to the fashion scene. Even if they were last seen on the Egyptians in 3000 BC.
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